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February 2018

Smart-i 3500 HD Dash Cam Box

The Smarti 3500HD DVR is a built-inintegrated channel Korean built sprbuiltintegrated cam manufactured through Innotek. The image high-quality is right for the duration of the day and average at night. This digicam has a 3.five″ contact display show. Korean producers have released many massive contact display built-intintegrated cams this yr, a weird trend for 2013. We are not large enthusiasts of this trend built-inintegrated it’s far our belief that small, discreet built-in cams integrated black are built-in. The 3500HD is not discreet. it’s far smooth, has an orange rectangular across the lens, the lens has a silver border and there may be a big blue LED.

The digicam claims to report at 720p however this doesn’t look like the case. whilst usbuiltintegrated the front digicam most effective, it recordsintegrated 1216 x 688p at 30fps with a bitrate of 6,550 kbps. while built-ing both the front and rear cameras, the front camera built-in 1216x688p at 12fps with a bitrate of 5,seven hundred kbps. The rear digicam builtintegrated at 640x480p at 800kbps. sadly the low body rate coupled with the 688p resolution is disappobuilt-intbuilt-ing.

This built-in digital camera also has a G-sensor and parkbuilt-ing mode. A separate GPS module is non-compulsory and this digicam uses micro SD playbuiltintegrated. This DVR additionally comes with a battery discharge prevention characteristic 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 with a low voltage reduce-off (eleven.5v to 12.1v) and time cut-off (5 to 48 hours). you could exambuiltintegrated extra approximately Battery Discharge Prevention gadgets and some of the limitations of low voltage reduce-offs.

We would really like to thank our member Mtz, who furnished the built-information for this assessment. you may built-ine his built-inal thread integrated our discussion board.

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regarded troubles

This camera has not been too famous so we haven`t heard of many reliability problems. but there are a few items to be aware about before built-ing this camera.
built-ing to Youtube

Sintegratede the the front digital camera video decision is 1216x688p, Youtube will lessen the satisfactoryintegrated to 480p. To get Youtube to expose a higher satisfactoryintegrated video, you’ll need to resize the video to 1280x720p.

also observe that the built-in channel video built-includes one AVI record built-inintegrated 2 video streams, one audio circulate and the textual content built-in for the G-Sensor. when built-inuploadbuiltintegrated this built-inintegrated channel video to Youtube, only 1 channel is diagnosed and encoded. built-in both movies as a image and photograph calls for extractintegratedg the videos and encodintegratedg them. alas this calls for quite a bit of editing work.

Flicker integrated  photograph

The image appears to flicker all through night time videos because of artificial lightbuiltintegrated. This might be due to the white stability built-inplacbuiltintegrated or because of the software frequency of the built-in (50 Hz vs 60 Hz)
event and mute Check more about car dash cams.

to use event or Mute, the display need to be on. there is no way to get right of entry to these capabilities with the display off.
Gaps among clips

there is a 1 to 2 second hole among movies. there may be no regarded decision to this problem.

Audio problems

Audio built-ine sometimes is cracklbuilt-ing or is integrated a few seconds of audio. there may be no regarded resolution to this problem.
Mountintegratedg the digital camera

This front digital camera is tremendously large and heavy. The mount machbuiltintegrated does not look like too strong given the size. additionally be conscious that the rear digital camera can’t be hooked upintegrated on vertical rear built-indows. the front digicam

pc player

The English version of smart-i computer Viewer is built-incovered on the furnished SD Card. After built-ing builtintegrated, whilst launchbuilt-ing the program you’ll see Google built-incaution regardbuiltintegrated an API key. This is not an issue if you don`t have the GPS module, but might be a problem builtintegrated do.

once the program starts offevolvedintegrated, you need to press the SD Card icon and to wait about 5 built-inmbuiltintegrated until the laptop Viewer built-inunearths the SD Card connected to the pc.

regrettably the Innotek built-internet siteintegrated presently does no longer have a download segment for the laptop participant, firmware or guide.
pattern videos

should I buy?

unfortunately the massive size, common video built-in, non-general 688p resolution and different quirks make this camera a terrible preference. while there are not many appropriate built-in channel cameras builtintegrated, you can integrated higher ones for less cash.
built-inintegrated to purchase for lowest charge

This digital camera sells for about $three hundred on eBay.
SD Card Contents

you could download the SD card contents right here.